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Controversial study tops GIAA board meeting

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - The Guam International Airport Authority's boardroom was standing room only this afternoon as the agency's board of directors met today.  Because of the number of airport employees in attendance, the board chose to first discuss the controversial certified technical professional positions study.

More than a dozen airport police officers filed a grievance on Wednesday claiming they were unfairly and illegally excluded from the study.  The study, if approved as anticipated at the second market percentile, would equate to between $20,000 and $35,000 raises for the top managers at GIAA while the majority of other airport employees would see minimal increases in pay.

Some board members expressed concerns about the financial impact of implementing the study.  One such member, Tony Sgro, said, "These are things we need to try to work out with the Legislature, with our oversight chair and vice-chair, as well as our legal counsel to try to figure out where we really stand.  I think right now we're shooting in the dark because we don't have that opinion."

Board chair Martin Gerber added, "Yeah, we definitely don't want to take any action that would put us in technical default."

The board voted to develop a working committee comprised of all division heads that will meet in two weeks to discuss all of the concerns surrounding the study.  Worthy of note is that the committee members would be the same individuals who provided input on the CTP study.

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