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Bice comments on Bordallo's concerns

by Janjeera Hail

Guam - Joint Guam Program Office Director David Bice responded to Guam Congresswoman's Madeleine Bordallo's comments regarding land use by the U.S. military, saying that he does not believe the military's discussions with local landowners will reach the point where condemnation will be needed.  And if it does, Bordallo is right it will have to be approved by officials in DC.

Said Bice, "We'll have to have convincing arguments within the Department of Defense, the administration; if that's the case, the decision that we need to acquire more land and then that has to go to Congress where it has to be approved and funded by Congress and the key committee is the House's Armed Services Committee and there is where Congresswoman Bordallo sits."

In terms of what's next, the deadline for concerned individuals to submit comments is February 17, after which it'll take several weeks for the comments to be reviewed.  "Every comment that is submitted whether oral or in writing will be evaluated and will have a response with it and that will be documented in Volume 10 of the document," Bice added.

The island's media was only allowed 15 minutes to speak with Bice.

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