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Cease & desist order aimed at ad hoc firing range

by Nick Delgado

Guam - Police Chief Paul Suba has issued a cease and desist order for all residents who may have been using the Upper Fadian Point as an unauthorized firing range.  University of Guam Acting Director for Pesearch and Plans David Okada says they've received complaints about shell casings being found near the university's Research Center.

Okada says UOG is coordinating with the Chamorro Land Trust Commission, who owns the property.  

Meanwhile, the Guam Police Department is trying to ensure that those firing the guns aren't using the property as a firing range, as no one has a license to be shooting weapons in that area.  "What we're trying to do is to let the people know that if you do use that range for firing, the rounds that may occur could cause someone to be killed or injured because of where the rounds are landing indirectly," he said.

GPD warns that anyone caught firing weapons in the unauthorized area may face criminal charges.

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