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Litigation possible for new JFK contract

by Michele Catahay

While the Office of Public Accountability has denied a protest filed by the Guam Community Improvement Foundation, it's apparent that the construction of a new John F. Kennedy High School campus will continue to be delayed. While the OPA still has to hear the second appeal next month, there's a possibility that GCIF may take the issue to court.

It was last week when the Office of Public Accountability denied a protest filed by the Guam Community Improvement Foundation. According to the decision, the OPA found no merit to GCIF's allegations that International Bridge Corporation could not finance the project as required in the request for proposal. The decision further states that there was also no merit to the allegations that the Department of Public Works amended the RFP to exclude the financing requirement after selecting IBC.

Today, GCIF attorney Randy Cunliffe told KUAM News that he was going to meet with his clients and may take the issue to court JFK social studies teacher Angelo Andres says he's elated that the appeal was denied, but fears taking the issue to court would stall the construction of a new campus even more.  "We're all going to be disappointed and to think it might be another stall tactic. One can't help to think what the motive is behind all of this is all about. Whether there's something, another interest that possibly could be gained by this," he explained.

Andres added, "They can actually drag this issue for years to come. This Tiyan campus is only a temporary campus."

JFK senior and Student Body President Rachelle Basa says although the construction is in limbo, she says she remains hopeful that their graduation ceremony could be held at the Upper Tumon campus during the islander's 50th birthday.  "We're happy that we're a step closer to our goal, which is to rebuild JFK and we still want to graduate at our Tumon campus and we won't lose our hope on that," she said.

Governor Felix Camacho says while there's an interim campus for the JFK community, Camacho says there may be a need for further legislation to possibly extend another year at Tiyan. He adds that the only ones left to suffer is the school system and the students of JFK High.  "I anticipate further delays as these other interested parties that had lost the bid or did not receive it are going to continue to press on. It just brings to light and emphasizes the fact that our procurement system and the way it's established right now does not serve the public well," he stated.

In the meantime, the second appeal filed by the Guam Education Financing Foundation will be heard on December 7. A decision on that case may be handed down thirty days after.

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