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Appeal denied for Guam Pacific Enterprises

by Nick Delgado

The Guam Office of Public Accountability filed its decision regarding Guam Pacific Enterprises' appeal against the Guam Power Authority. GPE filed the appeal this past July, seeking to reverse a series of GPA decisions applying liquidated damages to eleven purchase orders with the utility agency.

While GPE contends they eventually filled GPA purchase orders, the former alleges that they were never fully compensated by the latter due to an assessment of liquidated damages. However, GPA's basis for assessing liquidated damages was that the orders were not filled by GPE in a timely manner and that GPA took the appropriate action under the terms of the contract.

While GPE seeks more than $5,000 in reimbursement of liquidated damages, the Guam OPA has decided to only expect the appeal for one of the eleven purchase orders, which liquidated damages are valued at $673.61.

The Guam OPA has denied GPE's appeal on the remaining purchase orders.

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