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Accused officer no longer on force

by Mindy Aguon

For a second time in his career, Troy Morrison is no longer employed with the Guam Police Department. The former police officer faces numerous criminal charges including assault, family violence and stalking. Morrison is accused of assaulting a woman known to him and threatening to kill her.

GPD Legal Counsel Jim Mitchell confirms Morrison is no longer employed with the force but could not say whether the officer was terminated citing personnel rules prohibiting from releasing that information. This is the second time Morrison has departed from the police department. According to news files, several years ago Morrison resigned from the department after allegations of assault surfaced against him. He was re–hired by former Police Chief Earl Aguigui in 2003. The former police officer is scheduled to appear back in the Superior Court for a criminal trial setting on November 24 before Presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena.

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