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Delays in school H1N1 vaccinations

by Mindy Aguon

H1N1 vaccines are not arriving in the quantities expected by Public Health officials and that has caused a delay in plans to conduct vaccinations at island schools. Students should be receiving consent forms to take home to have their parents sign and the vaccinations are expected to begin in approximately three weeks. Women in the second and third trimesters are urged to go to their healthcare provider to obtain the vaccine.

While the island's elderly are normally the first to receive a seasonal flu vaccine, H1N1 Spokesperson Cindy Hanson said, "For reasons we still don't fully understand, they're being targeted by this flu as severely as the younger people. We don't want the manamko thinking they're being ignored in any way, shape, or form. They will be allowed to get the vaccine but right now its people six months to 24 that are really getting hit the hardest."

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