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Speaker, AG discuss Massage Therapy Bill

by Nick Delgado

Acting Governor Judi Won Pat met with Guam Attorney General Alicia Limtiaco to discuss her recently-introduced Massage Therapy Bill.  Won Pat says since the AG currently has a task force that will begin cracking down on illegitimate massage parlors, she wanted to clarify how her bill may be able to assist with that group's ongoing efforts.

Won Pat says the massage parlor industry continues to be a major concern for residents on Guam.  "To making sure that all of these 'massage therapists' that are considered legitimate therapists, that these individuals who have to go get a license," she stated.  "And what would happen then as a result of those who are not true massage therapists would not be able to get a license.

"And that would make it so much easier for our law enforcement agencies to go after these places that are not legitimate."

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