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USDOE: third party to step in

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by Michele Catahay

The U.S. Department of Education says its local counterpart has not shown cause why USDOE should not take immediate administrative action under the fiscal years 2008 and 2009 special conditions. According to a letter from Risk Management Services Director Phil Maestri, since the Comprehensive Corrective Action Plan was finally adopted in October 2007, GDOE failed to make substantial progress on the objectives of the plan.

Although the Government of Guam has signed a memorandum of understanding between GDOE and the Department of Administration and the Bureau of Budget & Management Research to provide much needed assistance and training to help the department get back on its feet, the feds believe that is not enough. As a result, GDOE will not receive any funds under pending or new awards subject to the special conditions until a fiduciary agent is in place and is prepared to manage federal grant funds.

The local agency will be required to contract with a separate third-party technical assistance provider, to ensure that it has access to the expertise and best practice needed to maintain fiscal management improvements. This will be included for current grants and will remain attached to future grants for federal funds awarded to GDOE.

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