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Delegate leads codel to Afghanistan

by Heather Hauswirth

Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo led a Congressional Delegation to Afghanistan to visit troops from Guam who are there serving as part of the Operation Enduring Freedom mission.

The Congresswoman was joined by fellow House representatives, Congressman Vernon Buchanan of Florida, Congressman Duncan Hunter of California, Congressman Larry Kissell of North Carolina, Congressman John Adler of New Jersey, and Congressman Christopher Lee of New York. 

During her visit to the region, the Congresswoman had a chance to meet with Lieutenant Governor Michael Cruz who is currently deployed to Afghanistan in his capacity as a medical surgeon. The Congresswoman noted, "We have to make sure our strategy for Afghanistan tackles the core issues facing that country." 

She also and reiterated her commitment to working with fellow House members to ensure the government does its part to provide the troops with the best training and equipment possible in order to effectively execute this mission.

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