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A leaky situation at Southern High

by Michele Catahay

The problem-plagued Southern High School campus continues to have alarming issues.  First it was a broken air conditioning unit, now it's issues with leaks in the locker rooms. It's clear that the Home of the Dolphins' gymnasium needs some help when it comes to upkeep and maintenance.  A large leak has become hazardous and if not fixed immediately, that area could be shut down, too.

The education suruhanu and the Health and Safety Task Force shut down Southern High's gymnasium at the end of last school year simply because they didn't have adequate ventilation in the facility. Today KUAM News visited the Santa Rita campus, where we found this large leak in the boy's locker room.

According to Assistant Principal Kin Fernandez, it's been leaking for over a month now.  "The problem is escalating. It has escalated to water leaks, to the leaks, on to the boards and those ceiling particles are now beginning to dissolve and fall to the floor leaving the ceilings exposed and some hazardous concerns that we've raised and we're trying to work on those issues," he said.

Fernandez says he's been working with the Facilities and Maintenance Division on the matter, but has received word that they're waiting on the General Services Agency to cut purchase orders in order for work to be done.  Said the administrator, "Facilities and Maintenance also have a procedure they have to follow the protocol to the GSA and there the procurement is sitting on their desk. We're waiting for the follow up on that and I guess the funds will be available for materials and supplies to conduct those repairs."

Although the gym was shut down, Fernandez says the students were able to utilize the shower rooms. He does admit that if the leak continues, it may lead to other issues that could force the administration to shut down those areas as well.  "It's going to be an issue where the electrical will be a problem," he said, "where we may have to close that locker room and not have any facilities for our sports and physical education programs."

The showers have been leaking for the past month, both day and night. Fernandez admits that southern high's water bill will probably escalate due to this leak, adding, "We assume that it's been September and I assume that the issue will show up in the past bills and will also show up in this bill."

In the meantime, Acting F&M Manager Billy Cruz tells KUAM News that he has turned in multiple requests since September 6 to GSA, but none of these purchase orders have been process. He says he's still waiting on word for them to see when they could receive the supplies and materials necessary to move forward.

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