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Jets shut out by Raiders

by Jerome Unpingco

The GTA Raiders pulled off a huge win yesterday afternoon at the Eagles Field, streaking pass the Yigo Jets 33-0.  The Raider's Arthur Toves wasted no time in the opening kick off, as he juked his way, in and out of traffic, from the left side of the field to the right side of the field, out pacing his opponents and cruising for an 80-yard touchdown, sparking the momentum for his team.

Followed by his own extra kick, giving his team the 8-0 lead.  The Jets tried initializing the passing game on their 1st 2 drives of the game, but fell victim to the Raider's secondary, as interceptions gave opportunity to the black and grey. The Raiders made good use of their possession, as they executed the running game, scoring 2 more touchdowns just before halftime, 1 coming from Haloaq Aquai and Jonathon Reyes, giving them the 20-0 halftime lead. 

In the 3rd quarter, the Jets flew with the passing game, as they managed to make it within 5 yards of the goal line, but offensive penalties and tough defense by the Raiders made it impossible for any execution to occur. Arthur Toves once again showed his skills and quickness just before the end of the 3rd quarter, as he stormed his way pass the Jet stream, streaking for the 60-yard touchdown and extending his teams lead. 

The Raiders would wind up sealing the deal in the last quarter, as Ricky Johnston punched his way in for the QB sneak, as the Raiders went on to take the 33-0 win.

Toves led the Raiders with 2 touchdowns while Reyes, Respicio and Johnston each had a touchdown apiece.

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