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Tracking Melor: experts eye dangerous follow-up storm

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by Janjeera Hail

While Tropical Storm 18W didn't get a name, the formation following directly behind it, Tropical storm 20W, did.  Tropical Storm Melor is moving toward the Marianas and bringing some concern from the National Weather Service that is closely monitoring the development and movement of what they're calling "a potentially dangerous tropical cyclone".

The center of Melor is located near 11.9 degrees north latitude and 155.3 degrees east longitude.  This places it about 720 miles to the east of Guam.  Melor is moving west-northwest at 17 miles per hour and is expected to intensify over the next 24 hours.

"All the computer models that we have indicate that it's going to head toward the Mariana Islands," said NWS meteorologist Chip Guard.  "It's going to be here; we'll probably feel the effects early Saturday.  As best we can tell right now and just about everything indicates that it's going to be a fairly substantial typhoon."

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