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Navarro paces Planet Hollywood attack

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by Jerome Unpingco

In the Shirley's Basketball League from the Tamuning Gym, Sea Grill took on Planet Hollywood in a game that was both physical and intense.  Both teams stepped it up in defense, in the 1st few minutes of the game, holding each other scoreless.

Jun Navarro however dropped 7pts for Planet Hollywood in the 1st half, helping his team take a 19-12 lead.  Julius Yu gave some light to his team, as he helped dropped the lead down to 1 point with a minute left into the half and trailing 19-18 heading into the 2nd half. Defense once again was key in the 2nd period as both teams found it very difficult to score. 

Navarro and Yu squared off in a 3-point competition as both players both dropped 4 straight treys, keeping the game at a neck to neck situation. Foul trouble however haunted sea grill in the closing minutes of the game, as Planet Hollywood capitalized on free throws as they eventually took the upsetting 51-44 win.

Navarro led Planet Hollywood with 29 pts while Yu led Sea Grill with 33pts. Both teams now hold a 4-2 record.

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