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Panthers drop Friars with last-second stand

by Jerome Unpingco

At the GW Field in Mangilao, the Father Duenas Friars hosted the Guam High Panthers. The Friars quickly jumped ahead 7-0 in the opening kickoff, as Anthony Aguon ran for an 85-yard return. Guam High answered back on their first possession, as Aaron Cosey connected with Jason Brunson off a slant pass for 78 yards, and cutting the Friar lead down to a point. 

The Friars Bruce Meno extended his teams lead by 6pts, punching thru the panther's defensive line for the 13-6 lead.  Special team for the panthers proved worthy as Brunson ran for 48yrds, after faking a punt, streaking his way pass the Friars defense, and giving his team the 14-13 lead.  Will Williams returned the favor a few minutes later, in shotgun formation, as he managed to juke his way in and out of traffic for the QB draw, running for 46 yards and giving the Friars the 21-14 lead.

Guam High however did score another touchdown before halftime, ending the 1st half at 21-20. 

In the 3rd quarter, the Panthers continued their rushing dominance as Brunson once again weaved his way in and out of traffic, running for 64 yards in Friar territory for the 27-21 lead.  The Friars answered back in the 4th quarter as Keoni Pablo ran in for a 5 yards, once again boosting Father Duenas back into the game with a 28-27 advantage.

With less than 3 minutes left into the game, the Panthers took the lead right back after driving down 70 yards, when Brunson once again broke thru the Friars defensive line, giving his team the 33-28 lead. The Friars looked confident to win the game with a minute left as Williams and Aguon help bring the maroon squad to within 1 yards of the end zone, defense however proved to be vital for the Panthers as they managed to hold off the Friars' late charge as they eventually took the 33-28 win.

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