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PXC 18 was battle for the ages

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by Jerome Unpingco

PXC 18: Dead Game 2 lived up to its expectation, as 10 fights took to the Terror Dome. In the 1st fight of the evening, California's JJ Ambrose took on Saipan's Bill Saures in the 180pd weight class. Ambrose quickly went to his specialty on the ground, closing the distance and taking down Saures. With control of the side mount, Ambrose initialized several midsection and headshots to his opponent, where he eventually maneuvered his way to a head and arm choke, tapping up Suares with a minute and 45 seconds into the 1st round and earning his 2nd PXC win.

Guahan Top Team's Mike Limiac and Ground Fu's Tony Reyes gave fights fans what they wanted to see, stand and bang and ground and pound. Limiac managed to chopped down on his much taller opponent early on, taking him down, but Reyes managed to reverse the situation, putting Limiac back onto the canvas, where he slowly worked his ground and pound. After establishing several stomach shots to Limaic, Reyes found his way into the full mount, where he landed several staples and headshots to Limiac. Reyes looked composed to finish the fight off, but a determined and strong heart from Limiac, prevailed, as he managed weathered the storm and take the fight into next round. The tide however shifted in the 2nd round, as Limiac answered back from the start of the bell, with a flurry of punches and one solid knee, that stunned Reyes and led to a entourage of punches. Reyes tried returning the favor, but found himself dropping to the canvas, as Limiac earned his comeback from behind win, via knockout.

Josh Alvarez washed away all tensions in his fight against Allan Guzman in the 3rd fight of the night. Both fighters chose to keep the fight on the top as each were looking for the ultimate knockout. And knockout you can say. Guzman looked poised after landing a knee and several punches, but Alvarez countered back with a vicious right hook that sent Guzman to the floor, where he eventually took the win via knockout.

The much-anticipated fight between Kyle "Boom" Reyes and Saipan's Giovanni Sablan gave no disappointment to fight fans in their fight at 145pds. Sablan quickly went in for the takedown, pinning Reyes to the fences and working his way to the side mount. Reyes however stayed composed and managed to work his way back onto his feet, where he slowly worked his clinch and body control. With only a minute and 30 seconds into the fight, Reyes managed to sink in a choke from the clinch, giving no choice to Sablan but to tap out. Reyes now improves his PXC record to 2-0.

Justin "The Shocker" Cruz walked away with his 16th PXC win against Saipan's Jay Muna with 2 minutes into the 1st round. Muna tried closing the distance, looking for the takedown, but found himself at the tail end of a guillotine hold. Muna desperately tried for a full minute to escape from the submission, but it was not enough, as Cruz executed the choke from the ground position sinking in deep, where he eventually took the win via tapout.

Saipan's Fasi Jesse ricocheted Brian "Shotgun" Howard's bullets in the 155pd weigh class. Howard looked to go in for the takedown, but fell victim to the ground, where Jesse took advantage of the situation. Jesse then worked his way from the half guard to the back of Howard, where he slowly slipped in his hooks and secured the rear naked choke, Howard tried escaping, but eventually conceded with a minute into the 1st round.

Robert Washington redeemed himself against Justin Cruz in the 7th fight of the night in the 155pd division. Washington from the start took his game plan to the ground, slamming Cruz to the canvas and working the ground and pound. Cruz showed heart and strength throughout the whole 1st round as he endured the onslaught from Washington, who unleashed whatever he had from the top. Cruz would wind up holding strong and taking the fight into the next round. In the 2nd round, Washingtion knew his game plan was working, and with no choice, he took Cruz right to the ground, where he established his ground control. After slowly wearing down his opponent and working his way to a dominant position, Washington unleashed a flurry of shots to Cruz from the back position, where he eventually took the win via referee stoppage.

Saipan's Kelvin Fitial proved that he's one of the top heavyweight contenders in the Marianas after walking away from a victorious knockout against local boy Toby Mesa. Both fighters wanted the fight to stay standing, with each throwing heavy haymakers. After a brief exchange of shots from the top, Fitial capitalized with a right upper cut and a left hook that sent Mesa to the floor, where he followed up with a entourage of punches that eventually awarded him the win, via knockout. Fitial was awarded the knockout of the night and is now set to fight the heavyweight champion Roke Martinez.

In the most exciting fight of the night, AJ "The Headache" Aguon and Ronnie Borja brought the Field House to their feet, as both warriors fired away from the sound of the bell. Both Aguon and Borja brought their standup game with each looking for the big KO. Aguon however managed to take Borja to the ground, but good defense by Borja brought the fight back to the top. Aguon and Borja once again unleashed whatever artillery they had in their arsenal, exchanging blow for blow with punches and kicks. After a accidental slip, the fight went to the ground where Aguon and Borja tangled up and fought for the dominant position. Aguon slowly worked his way into the full mount position, where he sent a barrage of staples and head shots to Borja, that managed to slice through the skin, creating deep cuts to Borja's face. After a referee stoppage, the doctor ruled that Borja should not continue, which prompted referee Tony DeAngelo to award the win to Aguon. Aguon now improves his PXC record to 2-0.

And finally in the main event of the evening, Baby Joe "The Juggernaut" Taimanglo walked away with the win against Alex Castro in the much-anticipated rematch. Castro showed improvement in his standup game, catching Taimanglo with a heavy right and a kick to the head, that almost sent Baby Joe to the canvas. Taimanglo however stayed composed and weathered the storm, keeping Castro at bay, as he managed to take Castro down, where he tried to work his ground and pound. In the 2nd round, Taimanglo managed to take Castro down several times, avoiding vicious knockout blows from Castro. Castro however escaped from the ground position and got the fight back onto their feet, where he tried to initialize standup game. Taimanglo however took Castro right back onto the canvas, where he tried to execute an arm bar, but Castro remain composed and determined, as he took the fight into the last and final round. In the 3rd round, Baby Joe gave no room for Castro to attack from the top, taking down Alex and keeping the fight on the ground for the entire round, Taimanglo would wind up getting the win after 3 hard fought rounds by decision.

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