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Aquinas School launches aggressive recycling effort

The environment club at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School was created to teach students about the many "think green" ways they can help our local environment and empower them to take charge.  And that's exactly what they're doing with their aggressive recycling program.

Corrine Yahn is the science teacher at Aquinas High who is proud to share that their environmental club is insistent about recycling just about anything Guam will allow.  "We recycle the aluminum cans, plastics 1 and 2, cardboard, glass, white paper and newspapers.  We were nice enough to have a sponsor to donate 40 newspapers a day so we recycle all of that," she said.

In an effort to stress the need for students to be environmentally responsible, instead of relying on others to cart-off their recycled goods, the environmental club drops it-off weekly at the Harmon Loop Depository.  To show their "going green" pride, the St. Thomas School is also working on an adopt-a-wall fundraiser whose mission is to have environmentally conscious students paint a "think green" inspired mural, using the most environmentally friendly, low volatile, organic compound paints.

And to ensure the student's green efforts are well rounded, Yahn adds the class is also encouraged to "go green" at home.  "Well right now we're just working on the school, be we also encourage the students, especially those that are in the AP Environmental, the College level environmental class, they have to do a lab where they actually have to recycle and weigh their materials for a period of three weeks and talk about how much that they preserved," she said.

Yahn says the more we teach students the importance of recycling, the more they will remain devoted throughout their lives to protecting our island environment.

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