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Alvarez ready for PXC 18 fight against Guzman

In PXC 18 news, Team Countershot fighter Josh Alvarez has been impressive in his last 2 fights in the TerrorDome picking up 2 straight submission wins. Alvarez will take on Allan Guzman who is coming of a win in the last PXC Live Event and will rely on all the training he's accumulated in camp to get him through on September 19.

Alvarez said, "I train twice a day; I do cardio in the morning and diet, at night I come here hit mitts and spar and do a little more running after."  Josh has shown good ground game in his previous fights cutting weight and fighting at a more suitable weight class. Alvarez is up against another striker in Allan Guzman, whom is a young and hungry fighter looking to climb up the lightweight division with a win at PXC 18.

He said, "He's a very aggressive fighter who keeps the pace and throws a lot of punches and what I can see to capitalize on is he leaves his hands down and is open for the shoots. His height is not that far away from me and it will be a good fight because we will keep it standing."

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