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Limtiaco takes the reins at AG's Office

After being sworn-in to office just after midnight, an investiture ceremony was held this afternoon at the Judicial Center in Hagatna for Attorney General Alicia Limtiaco. After having a hard time with her transition into the Justice Building, she now has the all-clear for her to assume her new role as the island's second elected AG.

In her inaugural address she thanked her mother and father and the rest of her family for there unwavering support. "My mother, who did not have the opportunity to obtain a college education, repeatedly shared with us the importance of education and learning," she stated. "Looking back, I realized that there was a bigger world out there full of different cultures, economies, customs political and legal systems and most of all a world of different unique people all trying to carve out there own independent live in there own unique society. My father taught me about hard work drive and determination although seventy-two years old, my father spent numerous hours a day, seven days a week attending meetings, functions forums and walking the streets and visiting homes during this past election always by my side, every step of the way."

The new AG already has her hands full with the bond case moving through the United States Supreme Court, and the recent indictment of her close friend Tony Sanchez. While she plans to recuse herself from latter, the new AG says she will be actively involved with the bond case scheduled for oral arguments on January 8. "I will be in Washington, DC to be a presence for our community and I will be conferring with Washington, DC counsel," she confirmed of her immediate agenda. "I have made plans to leave January 3 and will immediately communicate with counsel to prepare and up to speed with the status of the case and also be prepared January 8 hearing."

Read Attorney General Limtiaco's speech here
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