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800 recycle bins delivered to Yigo homes

by Jolene Toves

Guam - After getting the okay to go green the Guam Solid Waste Authority started delivering recycle bins to customers in the north today. Customers in the north will notice an additional trash bin in their driveways.

Let the recycling begin - Yigo residents were the first of over 15,000 solid waste customers to do their part to keep our island green. 800 carts were delivered today to residents in the northern part of the island as part of the Guam Solid Waste Authority's free Curbside Recycling Program.

GSWA spokesperson Alicia Fejeran said, "Today we have been preparing to deliver recycle bins to all of our residential customers we've had a pilot program going on for a few years and it's been quite successful we've seen customers interested in recycling."

Yigo resident John Delgado participated in the pilot program and says he is happy to do his part to recycle. "Now that we have service it's much better much, much, much better keep things better on the island and keep Guam more clean and recycling is great," he said. "It helped out a lot don't need to put all our trash in one bin we can segregate our trash. Cans bottles all our recyclables can go into one bin instead of the other bin."

As part of the new program each customer will receive a 95-gallon recycle bin with an informational sticker. Recyclable items include paper products, newspapers, aluminum, and bi-metal cans which are items such as soup cans and other canned foods. To keep it simple customers do not need to separate the items prior to placing them into the carts.

Meanwhile customers need to be aware that there will be some changes to collection times, as Fejeran said, "Everyone's pick up day will be on the same day as their collection of their trash however it will only be twice a month so every other week."

While recyclables will be picked up on either the first and third or second and fourth weeks of the month. Regular trash will continue weekly. 

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