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GOP prepares for State Convention

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by Nick Delgado

Guam - From Super Tuesday to Super Saturday, the race to win the Republican nomination makes a stop in Guam. The Republican Party of Guam is meeting this Saturday not just to vote for the delegates to the Republican National Convention, but also who they feel is the right candidate for president.

Just because Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won 6 of the 10 Super Tuesday contests, his opponents Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich aren't backing down. This Saturday the local Republican Party will hold its state convention to select six of the nine delegates that will be sent to the national convention. The three that already have a seat are Minority Leader Frank Blas, Jr., whomever is elected party chairman that evening  and Governor Eddie Calvo, who is the titular head of the GOP.

Once the elections are conducted, a straw poll will follow to determine which Republican presidential candidate the local party will support. "We have again several of the Republican candidates that are looking toward Guam and the votes from our delegates. So again, I'm aware that there are representatives representing the camps, both the Romney and Santorum that would like to discuss again the prospects of the Guam delegation voting for either one of those candidates," said Calvo.  "This is one of Guam's biggest participation in the upcoming national election."

As a matter of fact according to Guam GOP acting chair Victor Cruz, the local party will have a special guest during Saturday's state convention: Romney's son Matt will visit the territory to promote his father's presidential campaign.  "Once the national delegates are selected then they will caucus together but we also have also have what's in our rules and regulations that its winner takes all, so the 251 delegates, whoever they voted for if its for Romney or Santorum whoever gets the most votes - that's who," said Cruz.

The Republican State Convention begins at 9am at the Sheraton Hotel in Tamuning. KUAM News also confirmed the Santorum and Romney camps have reached out to the Calvo Administration. Governor's chief of staff Frank Arriola says he will be speaking with both camps to try and determine what sort of assistance they can provide the community considering it's a close race.

Meanwhile the Republican National Convention is scheduled for August 27 in Tampa, Florida. The public is welcome to attend, but will not be allowed to participate in Saturday's vote.

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