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Guam Young Professionals clean Dededo beach

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by Michele Catahay

Guam - More than 25 volunteers from the Guam Young Professionals showed up to pick up trash at Tanguisson Beach in Dededo. GYP Secretary Mel Mendiola says this is the second cleanup event planned by the organization to help make the island a cleaner place to live in. She says the last clean up took place at Tagachang Beach last month.

Mendiola says it's a great opportunity for members and other volunteers to come together to spruce up the island. "For obvious reasons, the Guam Young Professionals knows that a beautiful Guam brings more tourists for one thing and for another, it's our island and we love it. We want to enjoy the beach with our families and we want to enjoy it in a beautiful place, not in a place where there is garbage, aluminum cans and bottles and stuff all over the place," she said.

Guam Young Professionals is an initiative of the Guam Chamber of Commerce. Its mission is to recognize the economic and social importance of engaging young professionals in all issues impacting the community.

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