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Guam fitness gurus get Les Mills training

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by Dave Delgado

Guam - In fitness news Australia's Judy King is on island certifying instructors in the Les Mills body pump and body combat programs. She has been teaching the program for 12 years and has been a trainer for the last 6 years. Judy currently resides in Thailand where she teaches and says that the program is uniquely different than many of the programs out there.

"It's a world class program," she said.  "The research and development that has gone into each of these programs is thorough, with expert advice to ensure that the workout is safe and effective. There is constant research finding out what participants want and also keeping up to date with the latest trends and what is really safe out there.

"You put that all together and that is what really separates us from the rest.  It's safe and really effective."

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