Drivers can expect much of the traffic to appear back to normal now that repairs were made to a water main pipe that busted early Thursday morning.

It happened around 3 a.m. yesterday along Route 1 Marine Corps Drive between Willows and Padre Palomo Park. Water was seen spewing out from underneath the cracked roadway.

Crews were forced to block off most of the area for hours to find the leak and make repairs.

The major break resulted in road closures, traffic congestion, water outages, and forced businesses in Hagatna to close for the day.

“Analysis ongoing regarding the cause,” said Miguel Bordallo, Guam Waterworks Authority General Manager.

He said the pipe was repaired and all lanes were open by 11 p.m. Thursday.

“Water was restored to Hagatna at of about 530 p.m. yesterday, with Piti outage extended to about midnight while crews worked on that main break,” he said. “Permanent pavement repairs are pending.”

He adds the total cost to fix it is being finalized.