A Guam daughter vying for a seat in U.S. Congress living in California says it's not all over after coming in third. KUAM News sat down with Kylie Taitano, who says it's not over yet as her recent campaign marked a victory as it electrified the Pacific Islander diaspora. 

Guam native Kylie Taitano isn't giving up. Her campaign for U.S. Congress out of San Diego came in third  - the top two in the primary make it through the ballot.  "We got just of 10% so about over 16,000 votes in total. but I am proud of what my team accomplished because really, I announced my campaign back in January and we only really had four months to get our name out there," she said.

And more people in San Diego do know her name now. Taitano, who is CHamoru and Filipina, brought a new energy to those who moved from the Marianas to the states in search for better opportunities. Her grassroots, inaugural campaign received more funding than three other candidates. 

"We were able to raise nearly $150,000. We knocked on almost 20,000 doors, made thousands of phone calls, garnered a lot of support on social media, and if we started earlier I think we could have made it to the top two, for sure," she said.

Taitano, a Democrat with a background in computer science, says its too early to tell if she will run again. For now, she's catching her breath.  "After running I feel very renewed, and have fresh eyes with hope and love for the future of politics so I am open to running," she explained. "I ran to serve my community and if that is in the next election or if it is for a different seat that is something I am really open to."

"My goal was to shine a spotlight on our culture and that is why I centered my platform around inafa'maolek."

Her advice to young adults contemplating a candidacy?  "Do it," she encouraged. "Do not think about it. It is going to be really difficult but know that if you have the support, of your friends and family and people who believe in you that is really all you need to get by. But just do it, we have to."