It’s an event two years in the making as 10 volunteer veterinarians from Taiwan's national Chung-Hsing university have arrived on Guam to help with the spay & Neuter Island Pets Program. The Snip Community Clinic kick-off will be held at the Mongmong-Toto-Maite mayor’s office from Aug. 4 - 15 and will only be open on weekdays. 

"To be able to have all these veterinarians come in and get a head start on everything is really going to be phenomenal to help us actually make that difference right out the gate," Territorial Veterinarian Dr. Mariana Turner. "So their plan is to do 400 animals with their eight surgery days. That’s 50 pets a day, so that’s going to be quite a phenomenal task but it’s really going to knock down that waiting list."

The 10 volunteer veterinarians are from Taiwan's National Chung-Hsing University and they’re led by Dr. Pinchen Liu. Dr. Turner detailed how experienced the 10 volunteer veterinarians are.

"Some of them are actually faculty members there, which is really great because we have veterinary true professionals that are teaching other professionals and then we do have slime less experienced veterinarians that are really looking to expand their knowledge and they’re really there to support the faculty so that they’re learning with as much hands-on as possible," she said.

In addition to the 10 off-island veterinarians, local veterinarians will also be helping out with the snip program. Spay and neutering services will also be provided at the Dr. Lynn Raulerson spay and neuter clinic at the Guam Animals In Need shelter for four to five days per week. The volunteer veterinarians will also spend two weeks conducting free spaying and neutering services with the Mayors' Council of Guam. 

Those interested in the spay and neuter services can fill out an interest form at For more info, contact the snip program at [email protected].