By Noah Maravilla                                                                For KUAM News

The 19 students who participated in the Guam Community College’s Bus Driver Work-Ready Boot Camp are now employed in the public and private sectors island-wide.

As the tourism industry begins to rise again and local schools start preparations for the next school year, the island will require more bus drivers to support a rise in public transportation.

To get ahead of the curve, GCC is joining the Guam Department of Labor, the Department of Public Works, and Kloppenberg Enterprises Inc. or KEI to hold a Bus Driver Work-Ready Boot Camp, which began in February of this year.

All 19 boot camp participants completed the course with a 100% pass rate for the “Class D” License exams. A Class “D” License is a chauffeur license that allows a bus operator to transport between 15 and 90 passengers with either a school bus or a tour bus.

After the boot camp, all 19 who completed the course were hired by DPW and KEI. The participants are already earning a paycheck as bus drivers and dispatchers, and those hired by DPW will eventually be transitioned to limited-term employees.

GCC plans to hold a completion ceremony at a future date to celebrate the graduates.