Another anonymous letter was sent to the governor raising concerns about her choice to lead the Guam National Guard. It's the latest describing "the rapid decay of a great organization as a result of poor management and leadership."

The second letter in as many weeks to Adelup was written by a mid-level female in the Guard who says she is writing on behalf of the silent, the fearful, the dismissed and exiled.

The nine-page letter lambasts and questions the qualifications of current Guam National Guard Adjutant General Esther Aguigui and her choices for her general staff "Simply put, her staff picks are awful."

The author said one of the TAG's picks is not only ineligible to serve as an Assistant Adjutant General because he is not a resident of Guam and calling this person an idiot would be an understatement. Another general staffer was described as incoherent and has trouble forming complete sentences and was chosen solely on her gender. The author says the Guard has a very unified Command Team, clarifying their unified in promoting a climate of fear and fostering a culture of mindless drones who follow out blindly without regard to laws and regulations. Soldiers fear they will lose their careers or positions if they do not fall in line. The author included a list of names of several soldiers that had been transferred out for wanting to do the right thing and giving their opinion. "The Command Team" believes they are at war. It is them against everyone else within the organization" The anonymous letter points to what's called the TWD or The Walking Dead-these are the soldiers who allegedly are not loyal to the Command Team.

Although the letter states they are not asking the governor to relieve the TAG "despite it being the quickest and easiest solution," they just want her assistance to stop the madness. They are hoping to schedule a closed-door forum where their identities will be protected to better explain their position.

Meanwhile, the guard confirms it has found out who wrote the first anonymous letter about problems with Aguigui's command staff.

"We do confirm that we're aware of the author but we cannot confirm the member's name due to privacy," Guard spokesperson Major Josephine Blas said. "At this time, no personnel actions will be taken.
She also said she couldn't comment on whether future action would be taken.

Major Blas couldn't confirm whether or not Adjutant General Aguigui met with Guard members following the release of the first anonymous letter. Governor Lou Leon Guerrero in a previous interview said Aguigui said she would deal with the letter. The governor said she would meet with guard members "if she had to."