The Government of Guam's single largest annual contract for health insurance has been awarded to Aetna International, represented on Guam by Netcare.

The governor announced her approval of the company late today as the exclusive provider.

In a news release, she said the government's health negotiation team will spend the next few days "working to ensure that any increase to the finalized rate structures will minimally affect, if at all, our employees, retirees, and foster children."

The longtime incumbent Health Insurer, Calvo's SelectCare, issued a statement saying it is reviewing all options on behalf of its members. The company has held all or part of the contract for the past 18 years.

SelectCare says it developed many new benefits and implemented programs, including establishing referral offices in Manila Philippines. It will be the first time in more than 40 years that a non-incumbent carrier will hold the government contract, and many employees according to the carrier "have already expressed their disappointment."

Calvo's issued the following statement: We were just informed this afternoon that Calvo’s SelectCare was not awarded a contract for the FY2020 GovGuam Health Insurance Program, and we are reviewing all options available to us on behalf of our GovGuam members.   

It has been honored and privileged to have insured GovGuam continuously since October 2001; however, a recent law has since limited the health insurance options available to GovGuam employees and retirees.  During the past 18 years, while other companies opted out of the GovGuam market, we worked continuously to provide access to healthcare that meets the needs of our members. We developed many new benefits and implemented programs to improve and save the lives of our GovGuam members.

Some of the benefits and changes introduced to our GovGuam members included:

  • An air-ambulance discount that has proven to save lives
  • Established referral offices in the Philippines to help our members easily access medical care
  • Implemented service protocols and referral programs to ensure our members obtain access to quality medical providers both on and off-island
  • Provided free and discounted gym and fitness center memberships, on-site workout classes and other fitness programs that have kept our members active and healthy
  • Disease Management Programs
  • Wellness incentives such as Health and Wellness Rewards and Fitness Rewards
  • Membership in the lifestyle club that provides savings to our members at many of the popular retail locations in the Island
  • Returned over $24,000,000 to GovGuam since 2011 as part of the ACA-MLR and participating agreements with GovGuam

This will be the first year in over 40 years that none of the incumbent carriers will be offered to GovGuam employees and retirees, and many members have already expressed their disappointment with the lack of health insurance options and the potential disruptions.  We will continue servicing our commercial and federal members, and we look forward to servicing GovGuam employees and retirees in the near future.