We continue our Clear the Shelters series featuring families who have adopted pets from the Guam Animals In Need Shelter in Yigo.

"Ms. Chloe was surrendered by her former family at GAIN," explained Rose Eddy. She says it was after she and her boyfriend Gabe volunteered on a holiday at the Yigo shelter, that he just went doggone crazy for Chloe.

"He had a soft spot and he just kept talking about her after we left," she said. "He just kept showing me the photos he took of her isn't she sweet."

Gabe's persistence paid off because the couple went back to the shelter and decided to foster her until GAIN was able to find her a home. At the time however GAIN informed her she had been adopted. That apparently didn't work out and Rose was given a second chance--except there was one minor "faux paw".

"Well, I go pick her up – I'm taking her straight to the vet and the director at GAIN emails me her paperwork," Rose said. "I pull into parking lot to GAIN and I open up the paperwork and it says four-year-old Chihuahua and I say, 'Oh, you sent me the wrong paperwork, it says four, Chloe's 13.' And no, no she's four. I was like you told me she was thirteen, that was what was part of what got me that she was 13."

As they say, age ain't nothing but a number, and eventually Rose decided to keep Chloe Four-Ever.

"She now lives with us she's really sweet," Rose said. "She's very scared to go places. I think she's afraid of being left there but she's found a home she's sweet. She has a canine brother and two human brothers that love her to pieces, but that's our little Chloe's story."

KUAM is partnering with GAIN to help find our furry friends special homes on Saturday, Aug. 17. Patrons of the GAIN Shelter in Yigo who adopt a pet on this day between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. will be treated to free refreshments and giveaways including gifts from Fetch and Monalicia Professional Dog Grooming.