Parents should talk to kids about school saftey issues


Following two separate reports of bullets found on public school grounds just last week, the Guam Department of Education continues its investigation.

The bullets that prompted a shelter-in-place at Untalan Middle School and Inarajan Elementary were found intact, according to GDOE.

Principals are trained to handle these situations and though no findings have yet to be released on the source of the bullets  Dr. Kelly Sukola, Deputy Superintendent of Education Support and Community Learning, has this advice for parents.

"I know that parents are worried about their child's safety, and so one of the things I can recommend to parents is that when you hear this situation in the news then talk about it with your kids," she said. "Say 'what would you do? How would you handle the situation?'"

She warns there could also be criminal consequences to bringing bullets to campus. GDOE is reviewing each school response for future incidents, encouraging students to report immediately if they see contraband on school campus.

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