Brogan Walker Sanchez ready for Invicta fight against Miranda Maverick


BJJ Brown belt Brogan Walker Sanchez is set to step into the Invicta cage for the second time on July 21st. Brogan will be facing undefeated fighter Miranda Maverick at Invicta FC 30 in Kansas City. Her opponent is 3-0 as a pro and 6-1 as an amateur.

Walker Sanchez said, "I don't do too much homework. Of course I've watched her fights in Invicta so I've seen her pro fights. From what I know about her I feel confident with my hands which is the same story. I've been working on my wrestling so I can better control the fight depending on where I need it to go."

Strength and conditioning has been a main focus during fight camp. Brogan works with strength and conditioning coach Steve Oshiro at Paradise Fitness tailoring the sessions towards the mma game.

Walker Sanchez added, "He's been implementing a lot of different strength and conditioning things that are new for me but really replicate the fight. We have been working a lot of hip control, hip strength and things like that so I can control the fight on the ground. A lot of things working explosiveness. I noticed a big difference working the pads with my husband. I've noticed my power is a little bit different."

Brogan leaves island July 17th and will have a few days to acclimate and get settled in. She's 5-0 in mixed martial arts career her career and is coming off a split decision win over Cheri Muraski at Invicta FC 27,

She added, "A lot of times moving into my fights I feel like I'm the bigger opponent and like I have that advantage. Because my weight cut is so easy for me and it's easy for me to bounce back and put the weight back on and stay hydrated. I never am dehydrated during my weight cut thanks to my nutritionist."

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