Guam - An unintentional drive thru occurred at Pizza Hut in Mangilao this morning.

If you were in the village or saw on social media sites, a silver Toyota Corolla made its grand entrance through the glass windows.

The driver appeared to be an elderly man. Prior to crashing into the building, he reversed into a parked car.

The incident nearly pinned down bystander Dominic Reyes. Reyes, who was going in to pay a bill, stopped to check if his doors were locked. When he looked up, he saw the corolla hit his car.

"I'm a little relaxed now but at first I was freaking out looking to see if I was okay to see if I had scars or bruises but I guess I was okay like they say God is among us he's watching over us everyday no matter what we do," he said.

Aside from damage to both cars and the Pizza Hut establishment, no injuries were reported.