Guam - Airport and Public Health officials were at the Guam Legislature this afternoon to discuss the island's level of preparedness should any suspected incident of high level pathogens pose a significant public health risk on Guam. Guam International Airport Executive Manager Chuck Ada says the airport does not have the resources to respond directly to incidences such as Ebola but instead will rely on stakeholders and the airline agents.

He told KUAM News, "So what would happen, we would not allow the airline to connect to our loading bridge and deplane we would actually put them in a specific area of the airfield and then contact the appropriate authorities which would be public health and from there, further instructions of how and where to place would be engaged."

Ada says an area has been identified in the airport to isolate passengers in the event a case of Ebola is suspected. Oversight chair Senator Micheal San Nicolas suggested a future roundtable with stakeholders and providing a uniformed training protocol for all the agents to use.