Guam - When Jacklyn Han was in the fifth grade, she was inspired by her teachers to become a teacher herself. "I loved my fifth grade year. My teacher at that time, Mrs. Lizama and Ms. Witt they were really awesome fifth grade teachers and I thought why not be like them? And another teacher who was inspirational in my life is Joe Taitano. He was my coach in high school and he was very inspiring and he made me want to be that someone in somebody else's life," she told KUAM News.

Now sixteen years with the classroom as her workspace, she says a teacher's job is to inspire their students to learn - not just from her, but from others noting that her favorite teaching method is cooperative learning. "I had to learn the hard way that I'm not the only person that can teach these kids. Their neighbors, their friends, they all have different experiences. They all have different knowledge. I just help guide them. A lot of them are readers, so I really use the fact that they can talk one another and learn from each other," she continued.

But what's the toughest part? "The biggest challenge would probably be the change in students every year. There's no perfect method or perfect way. With every student, with every group that comes in, there's always something different about them," she said.

And it takes more than a single teacher to shape a student as Han shoutouts to her fellow teachers at Tamuning Elementary for sharing their methods and techniques to get the lesson plan across. "I don't think my lessons are exactly the same every year and I always find myself trying to find different ways what helps me get through are my colleagues  I wouldn't be here without those who help me get my lessons across."

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