Guam - A ceremony was held today at the Guam Community College's Culinary Academy to commemorate donations made by Fonterra, New Zealand's largest dairy company. 100 chef's coats and a scholarship package was donated to the culinary arts students. The donation was made through Micronesian Brokers and in partnership with the Micronesian Chef's Association.

Fonterra was represented by their pacific manager Bhavya Vujcich, who said, "We want to be involved in the community and Micronesian Brokers have always supported us and guided us in that direction as well. This is something we've wanted to do...doing the culinary coats was just like a small gesture to tell them that they're doing a great job they're doing an outstanding job and we want them to do well and this is something that we can do to support them."

Fonterra plans to continue their donations to the local culinary community. Another presentation recognizing Simon Sanchez students will take place at Simon Sanchez High School tomorrow. In April the students won the National Prostart High School Culinary Arts Competition.