By Aly Walansky

Completely You

Last night’s party was fabulous, except now your alarm is blaring, you’re exhausted, and you need to get to work. And worst of all, where -- and how late -- you were out last night is written all over your face.

It’s time to reach for your holiday survival beauty kit. Here are the seven things you should always have in it:

1. Facial cleanser.

Chances are, you didn’t cleanse thoroughly last night, and you have raccoon eyes this morning. Remove the evidence: Clean off the leftover makeup, splashing extra-cold water on your face. Bonus: It’ll help wake you up fast!

2. Coconut water.

The more dehydrated you are, the more dull, tired and sad your face looks. So double up on water in the a.m. and avoid caffeine. Even better, get some coconut water -- it’s loaded with electrolytes that will help you keep in all that hydration.

3. Chamomile tea bags.

Puffy eyes? Try a cold compress of chilled wet chamomile tea bags or cucumbers on your eyes for a few minutes. It’ll make a huge difference.

4. BB cream.

A BB cream (aka beauty balm) acts as a primer, tinted moisturizer, all-purpose concealer and sunscreen at the same time. Use it to help mask dullness and even out your skin tone.

5. Aspirin.

Not only can it relieve a splitting headache, it also boasts fabulous anti-inflammatory abilities. Pop an aspirin, and it’ll help minimize that puffiness in minutes!

6. Mascara.

A few coats of mascara will make the whites of your (possibly red) eyes brighter and your eyes bigger.

7. Dry shampoo.

Your hair probably needs a good wash, but chances are, you aren’t really up for that right now. Dry shampoo comes in handy now -- it helps absorb odor and excess oils and makes your hair look fresh again.

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