Guam - In the last three years, the Calvo Administration has given out more than 1,000 acres in land transfers and leases.  The property was either held by the local or federal government.  Today the governor signed over two deeds for ancestral lands in Sumay and Barrigada that have been held for the last 60 years.  Leonora Bordallo said the property returned today used to be her grandfather's summer house in Sumay. 

Her husband, former senator Paul J. Bordallo, was the author of the Chamorro Land Trust Act and envisioned ensuring that all Chamorros had a place to call home. "Un dangkolo na si yuus maase. I'm sure our ancestors are looking down smiling saying todu maolek - Tanota."  

17 Chamorro Land Trust residential and agricultural leases were also given out today and Governor Eddie Calvo urged recipients to utilize available programs and resources to help them develop the properties they were given.