Guam - The GATE Theater is back. This time, at the newly renovated 1,000-seater Southern High School Auditorium.

In coming months GATE Theater will be setting the stage for its first show of the season. Different from the movie, but the title track "Fame" the same - Fame the Musical will be the first production to be performed at Southern High.

The story follows a diverse group of talented high school students attending the New York School of the Performing Arts tackling not just their academics, but struggles with drug addiction, suicide, and relationships.

Theater art teacher Ray Twenter said, "I want the students to come down and hopefully parents will come down with them and see the facility and know that it's going to be a wonderful experience for them and we hope to make it a great opening for gate at the Southern High School just please come and audition for us we'd love to have you. It's open to all high school students public and private DoDEA homeschool anybody is welcome to audition as long as they're a high school student and I need three adults I would like to have three adults for the three teachers in the show."

Auditions are set for August 26, 27, and 28 from 4-6pm at the Santa Rita auditorium. Showings are scheduled for November 14, 15, and 16. For more information, call 789-2125 or visit