Guam - The location for Guam's first charter school remains a mystery as Guahan Academy Charter School officials have yet to release a site for the campus, but anticipate opening sometime this week. Committee on Education chairperson Speaker Judi Won Pat tells KUAM News she met with Senator Aline Yamashita and the school's project director, Donna Dwiggins, earlier this month regarding some of the concerns with opening such a school

Won Pat said, "And there were some concerns she had in wanting to make sure DOE was going to carry out its own role in providing the services they provide to the other schools like for example textbooks, bus transportation, special education services. And those we said that she had communicated with them and the superintendent had set up apparently some of his technical people to work with Ms. Dwiggins and her people."

The charter school was allotted $5,500 per pupil from this year's doe budget. Meanwhile, the Guam Academy Charter School Council failed to meet quorum today. According to member Joseph Cameron, the council was set to review other applications for charter school hopefuls.

Cameron adds the Council will no longer entertain applications that don't include a set location.