Guam - State funeral services were held today for the late Gloria Nelson. Senator Judi Guthertz said she was honored to be asked to deliver the eulogy by the Nelson family.  Senator Guthertz said Nelson along with the late Dr. Ione Wolf were "The Three Musketeers" and that Nelson was her best friend. She described her eulogy as a narrative between Gloria and herself.

"Gloria, thank you for being our role model," she announced. "Thank you for providing your friends and colleagues with your unique brand of no-nonsense, tough but yet compassionate practical and charismatic leadership."

She thanked her for returning home after earning her master's degree to devote her life to education and improving the lives of the people of Guam. Nelson was a pillar in the community who worked tirelessly to educate the island's children, advocate for the man'amko and ensure the government served the people. She was also a member of the Consolidated Commission on Utilities and the acting chairman of the Democratic Party of Guam. 

She passed away almost two weeks ago after a long battle with cancer.