Guam - The DLX All-Stars have been busy putting in basketball teams in several tournaments and leagues around the island. Their team roster is stacked with talent but it's not there on the court game that has earned them recognition from the island community. It's what they do as a team to help with different non-profit organizations.

"We just raised a few thousand dollars and donated it to the Consulate General of Japan on the Tsunami crisis in Japan," said Danny Leon Guerrero. "We are here to raise money and contribute more of that in every sense of the word. We have also done some for Erica's House and other charitable institutions of local needs and necessities. We are involved in social, cultural organizations in leadership development with a lot of these young kids. We are about 550 strong and we develop a lot of social involvement, social activities and fundraising for local charities is what we do."

Domino Lux is a fraternity committed to brotherhood amongst its members and continues to grow here on island with more members joining every day. The fraternity is looking to expand with other sports but its main focus is on its basketball program.

Allen Santos added, "Right now we have the DLX All-Stars, which is participating with the PABL on of the largest basketball leagues in Guam. Right now our main focus is with that team and we also get involved with MMA Sports, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing. So we try to incorporate all our talents with DLX. We try to focus our time and energy with the basketball team and incorporate it with other leagues as well.

The team practices at the Tamuning Gym and is looking to go far in this years PABL Basketball season. Members of the team are also asked to stay active in the community and support one another."

Frank Aguon, Jr. shared, "One of the things we certainly emphasize is the brotherhood with each other so we can share our time with one another with the sports activities that we participate in. We also promote and advocate for family get together and in conjunction with that, we give back to the community as much as we possibly can. 2 major projects that our organization and brotherhood has been able to participate in is an elementary school.

"Where we went in for a couple of weekends and were able to assist in the painting and upgrade of that particular school facility. We are also looking at other community projects so that we can help support. It's all about making sure that the brotherhood reaches out to as many people as possible; we make our contributions not only to supporting each other but especially giving back to the community as much as we can."