Guam - There's a dispute over the actual real property value of the land in Dandan, Inarajan that the government is attempting to acquire through eminent domain. In the latest status report filed in the District Court, the Government of Guam advises the court of the status of the condemnation case.

In 2008 the government filed a complaint to acquire the Dandan property for the new landfill. The only pending issue is just compensation to be paid to the various property owners. While GovGuam contends the estimated compensation for the release of the property should be about $3.4 million, property owners contend the compensation should be in excess of $150 million.

They hired real estate appraisers who estimate the value of the land to be about $30 million, while GovGuam's appraisers value the property between $3 million and $5 million. The trial for the condemnation case is scheduled for February 14, 2011.