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Are Triple Paned Windows the Best Option?


Triple pane is a great alternative to an area where north faces the house because of how cold it will get..especially here in Massachusetts.

There’s a lot of different reasons why people will choose triple pane.

One of the main reasons why someone would choose triple pane is the energy backing. So the U-factor that drops down gets down to a point one-seven. On most the energy-efficient glass packages which will really improve someone’s thermal efficiency on their windows.

But what I typically like to tell homeowners is that when it comes triple pane there’s a lot of other reasons to have triple pane.

Meaning that, triple pane acts as noise reduction glass. It almost hits the same rating as laminate glass package. Which laminate glass package can get extremely expensive.

So by doing triple panes, since you have the three layers of glass it almost hits the same metrics when it comes to sounds transmission through a home as does an energy or noise reduction glass package. So with that being said, if someone lives on a busy road and they have the busy road in the front of their house.

A lot of people like having triple pane glass package on the front of their home and then having double pane on the back just from the noise cancellation alone. That’s huge. That’s one of the huge benefits you see from single pane window or cheaply made double pane or single pane with storms compared to something like a triple pane.


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