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Paying For Your Habit: How Much Does Rehab Cost?



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Over 70,000 people in the United States died from an overdose in 2017. That statistic shows the devastating truth that an addiction that goes untreated often leads to an overdose.

That doesn’t have to be how your story ends, however. But you’ll need all the help you can get if you hope to overcome your addiction and live a sober life.

The best way to get the help you need is through family support and by checking into a quality rehab center.

But, how much does rehab cost, anyway? You may be wondering if it’s a viable financial option for you.

We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn about the costs of rehab.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Rehab?

Yes, many insurance policies will cover some or all of the costs of rehab. The amount your insurer will pay depends on the insurer, what your insurance plan is, and the rehab facility itself.

If you have a health insurance policy, call and ask what they will cover. They’ll be able to tell you which rehab facilities accept your insurance, and how much they’ll be able to cover. Find out more here about how insurance can help pay for rehab.

Consider Financial Aid

A lot of people don’t realize that many rehab facilities offer financial aid opportunities to people who don’t have insurance and can’t afford to pay upfront for treatment.

There are also some rehab centers that offer free or discounted care. The facilities can be overpopulated and may not provide the best care, but it’s a great option for people who can’t afford other rehab centers.

Types of Rehab and Their Costs

The cost of rehab is dependent on what type of rehab you want, and the facility itself. Here’s a general outline of the costs you can expect to face.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab is the most costly form of rehab, but it’s also the most intensive. It’s long-term and requires you to live in the rehab facility for the duration of your care.

For a 30-day program, expect to pay at least $6,000. But those prices can go all the way up to $20,000 for high-end rehab centers. 60- or 90-day programs can cost anywhere from $12,000-$60,000.

The only way to know how much a rehab center will cost is to give them a call and ask about their services.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab is more affordable because you won’t be living in a facility. You’ll participate in therapy, group sessions, and receive medication (if needed), but you’ll live at home.

Expect a 90-day outpatient program to cost around $5,000. This price can vary depending on what is included in the care.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The answer to “how much does rehab cost?” can vary depending on your facility and length of stay. But one thing’s for certain: rehab costs less than your addiction because your addiction can cost you your life.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help you along your recovery journey, check out this story of a mother who overcame her drug addiction once and for all.

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