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What Does the American Dream Mean to You?



In this episode we are going to cover what the American Dream means to 5 different quests we’ve had on the show. While each of their definitions is unique and personal we believe they can help you further define what the American Dream means to you.

Why is that important? Because too many in today’s society have given up on the American Dream or worse yet, believe it doesn’t exist.

That’s because people have been brainwashed to think that it’s only for a select few and that they don’t have what it takes to achieve it.

We’ve all been told and sold that if you don’t have a good job or a nice house with a lot of money and a couple kids we can’t or aren’t living the American Dream.

It’s total nonsense!

So what does the American dream mean to you?

A house with a white picket fence?

Being wealthy?

Having a successful business?

A life better than your parents?

Living a fulfilled and intentional life?

Do you think you have what it takes to achieve the American dream?

Here’s the truth about the American Dream and what it means.

It is alive and well for an anyone who is committed to achieving it.

Living your own American Dream is not dictated by a fixed set of rules or standards. We are all different and so are our dreams and aspirations.

Living the American Dream is all about YOU and your right to live freely and pursue happiness. The sooner you understand this the sooner you can start creating the dream life you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Get clear on YOU and what makes you happy.

Take stock of your life and define those things that matter the most to you. Then prioritize your actions and efforts into those things that will draw you closer to living your dream and reaching your goals.

Through our own combined experiences, as well as meeting and getting to know hundreds of people right in our own country, who overcame enormous adversity to live extraordinary lives, we learned the core steps to doing the same.

We talk about and teach those steps in our soon-to-be-released book, coaching and mastermind programs.

But we can’t wait to share this information with you, so we’re starting now.

One of the first steps we must all take to live our dream, is to believe in it. So this week, we are sharing with you, some snippets of our Snippets, to help you believe.

The American Dream should not be viewed as a fixed universal concept but should be judged based on your individual preferences, passions, capabilities, and goals.

I hope our guests today and their definition of what the American Dream means to them can give you the inspiration and insight you need to start your living yours.

Listen in as Steve Sims, Laurie Watkins, Mark L. Rockefeller, Elena Cardone, and Tim Jenson share what the American Dream means to them.


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Let us know in the comments

— What does the American dream mean to you? Did reading and listening to this change your definition? Do you think your own dreams are different from those of your parents at your age? Your grandparents?

— Do you believe you or your family has achieved, or is on the way to achieving, the American dream? Why or why not?

— Do you think the American dream is available to all Americans or are there boundaries and obstacles for some? Or do you think if someone wants it bad enough and are willing to work for it that anyone can achieve it?

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