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Lionville Soccer Launches New Website


The Lionville Soccer Club is pleased to announce the launch of their new website, which will act as a hub and resource for more information on this youth soccer team. They offer opportunities for soccer players between the ages 7-18 to travel and play competitively.

Currently based in Chester County, PA with over 250 athletes in this organization, they are involved with competitive leagues that include the Elite Development Program, the Atlantic Premier League, Philadelphia Area Girls Soccer, and Central League Soccer. In addition, many of its athletes also participate in high-level tournaments, and some of their teams even plan for two tournaments outside of their home city each year. The club is working to improve the quality and quantity of opportunities that their league players can receive, and currently follows regulations set by both the Youth Soccer Association and the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association.

Guided by Director of Coaching Ben McCarthy, each individual team is also led by a volunteer or assistant coach that corresponds with McCarthy to train its participants to shine on the field. Through their cooperation, the schedules and games that the individual teams play are all unique to their needs and skill in order to push all players to the next level. These Chester County travel soccer teams also emphasize teamwork and individual player development, with the intention of enabling players to be amazing on and off the field.

LSC states, “We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website, Having a dedicated soccer website will allow parents a place to get more information about the Lionville Soccer Club. It’s important for me to promote who we are and celebrate what we do. LSC has always been a solid community club and, in the last few years, we’ve managed to grow our reputation and compete at the highest level in a very competitive area for travel soccer.”

They continue that, “At Lionville, we take great pride in representing our community and being connected to all of our players. We understand the balance between having fun and competing, and we always try to maintain our integrity while achieving our goals.” Indeed, one thing that this soccer group focuses on is the need for volunteers. Interested parties can now sign up to join in certain roles via the website and help with tasks such as coaching.

The club also participates in intramural soccer, calling themselves the Lionville Youth Association. This program runs solely on volunteer coaches who have received training earlier, and the gameplay emphasizes guided play rather than directed play, meaning that the players themselves often have to come up with game plans in the middle of the action. They are encouraged to be creative and have good sportsmanship. Many of these games and practices are held on the Uwuchlan Township Fields. In addition to travel soccer, the Lionville Youth Association also has a travel softball team. Age groups for the girls go from U9-U15, while age groups for boys go from U9-U18.

According to The New York Times, youth soccer participation has decreased in America over recent years. The number of 6-12 year olds who compete and play has dropped by 14%, and kids who even touched a soccer ball in organized games has fallen as well. Even considering that average participation rates in all sports have fallen over the past few years, youth soccer has suffered the hardest hit, due to the high burnout rates and rising costs of programs. These burnout rates are caused by parents who are giving their children increasing pressure to take private lessons and join expensive clubs to try and gain college scholarships. Certainly, the low cost of the Lionville Soccer Club and the increasing opportunities that they offer to players are one way to counteract this decrease in demand from parents and children.

This collection of Lionville travel soccer teams which form the overall organization is evolving and expanding their influence with the creation of the website. They state, “We are hopeful that this website will help us celebrate who we are and what we do. All of our volunteers and professionals at Lionville Soccer Club are most certainly Lionville proud.”

Those looking for more information may contact Ben McCarthy of the Lionville Soccer Club, or browse the club’s new website. Furthermore, the organization may also be reached via their social media platforms.

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