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10 Hacks to Generate Listing Leads for Real Estate Agents


It’s a sellers market right now. Well priced listings often go under contract in less than a week. However, inventory is low and it’s crucial to know how to generate listing leads for real estate agents.

Want to ramp-up your seller lead generation? Here are 10 proven real estate seller lead generation strategies to get you started:


Search Ads

The power of Google AdWords is search intent, which is ideal for real estate seller lead generation. When people search in Google, they’re doing so for a reason. For example, if they’re searching for an online home valuation tool, chances are their thinking about potentially listing their home.

Don’t just stop with home valuation related searches, also research keywords for when someone is looking for a real estate agent or brokerage. If they don’t already have someone in mind and they’re searching online, put yourself in position to be found!

Display Ads

Display ads have come a long way in regards to their targeting options. For example, Google Ads has targeting options such as “In-market” audiences for reaching people who should be in the market to buy or sell real estate.

Using Google Display Ads for Real Estate Listing Leads

Blitzing your local market will increase your online visibility, branding as well as generate new listing leads from Google’s In Market, Custom Intent and Custom Affinity audience options.

Display ads often have a much lower cost-per-click than Search Ads, so they’re a great way to send traffic to your website without spending too much budget. You can even setup a successful display ad campaign targeting real estate prospects in your local market for as little as $5/day!

We recommend running a remarketing campaign as well to increase prospect brand touches and real estate leads.


Facebook may not have search intent like Google, but what they do have is some of the most robust targeting options available. You can literally put your ad in front of your specific target audience. You can even target those in your local market who are likely to move soon and own homes with specific property value ranges!

Facebook Ads work, but only with a well planned strategy. Keep things in mind such as:

  • Targeting
  • Ad frequency (you don’t want to show the same ad to the same folks too much)
  • Leveraging landing pages and Facebook Lead Ads
  • Rotating offers and messaging
  • Using good graphic design
  • Setting-up proper tracking for smart, data based optimizations


Many of you are likely already familiar with online home valuations, aka “What’s My Home Worth.” You’ve heard of them because they work! Heck, even the big boys such as Zillow and Trulia use this strategy. Why let them generate the leads and sell them to you when you can employ the same strategy.

Create your own home valuation landing page and drive targeted traffic to it. Test different things out such as providing an automated report versus creating one manually and sending. Also test various follow-up strategies until you find an approach that consistently works for you.

Home Valuation for Seller Listing Leads


Home valuation campaigns are not the only way to generate listing leads. Premium content is a great way to attract seller leads and stand out from your competitors. Here are some premium content ideas to attract potential sellers:

  • Seller eBook/guide
  • Video outlining why someone would choose you
  • Mini listing presentation
  • Just sold listings
  • Case studies


As you know, there is much that goes into selling a home. Showcase your knowledge and expertise while helping listing prospects during their research through content marketing. Here are some content ideas to help you generate listing leads:

  • Common home selling mistakes to avoid
  • Tips to sell your home fast and for top dollar
  • Market updates
  • Best time to sell your home
  • Home improvements to increase home value
  • How to determine your homes value


Video is HUGE. It’s the present and the future as far as digital marketing goes. It’s time to get comfortable with video, even if it’s as basic as using your smartphone.

Get professional videos for all of your listings and syndicate the video out to increase exposure and reach. This will help attract buyers as well as increase your branding to potential sellers.

Do personal videos explaining some of your methodologies to selling listings as well. Make it a habit to shoot and promote at least one video a week.


Direct mail isn’t as effective as digital marketing, but it’s not completely dead yet. Direct mail can work when combined with your digital marketing efforts. For example, if you have a home valuation landing page, include the link in your post cards so prospects can hop on your website to see what their home is worth.


Only first time home buyers don’t have homes to sell. Many, if not most of your buyer leads can be listing leads as well. Be sure you’re following-up accordingly and maximizing your opportunities.

Target buyers in specific price ranges. Those particular segments could be a move-up buyer and have a home to sell.


One of the best ways to generate listing leads for real estate agents that doesn’t get enough attention is nurturing the leads you already have. No matter what tactic you use to attract seller leads, they’re not all going to be ready to list right now. You also likely have a database of buyer leads (who likely need to sell their home) as well as past clients. Maximize your database by creating long-term, lead nurturing campaigns.

This is your opportunity to deliver value and help your prospects become closer to taking action. Do not be too salesy in your drip marketing campaigns. Also, be mindful of the frequency of your emails. You want to deliver value and stay top of mind, not harass and pester your prospects.

Pro Tip!

Leverage marketing automation technology in your lead nurturing campaigns. Put in place notification systems to alert you when prospects are taking increased action. For example, if a lead all of a sudden starts opening all your emails, reading your content and browsing your website, make sure you’re notified so you can follow-up accordingly. A sudden increase in engagement could be a sign your prospect is in research mode and potentially ready to list their home.


Let’s be honest, you’re not the only real estate professional in your market. If a potential home seller is looking for a real estate agent to help them sell their home, why would you be the best choice? Make sure your marketing highlights your unique value proposition and showcase why you’re different and better than your competition.


You work hard earning every click to your website, maximize those clicks by leveraging retargeting. Having a strategic retargeting campaign can increase your listing lead flow and raise brand awareness. Converting a website visitor on the first click isn’t always going to happen, retargeting is a great way to bring these visitors back to convert into a new listing lead.

Be sure to work smarter and leverage these 10 marketing hacks to generate more listing leads and take your real estate career to new heights!

Need help generating seller leads? We have several seller lead generation campaigns that will provide you and your team a steady flow of leads. Learn more about our real estate marketing services.

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