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Energuide Home Evaluations and Energuide Ratings


The EnerGuide Home Evaluation Program is a Canadian government initiative designed to assist homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their home, and enhance indoor home comfort from season to season. The program is focused on the home evaluation itself, and accredited by Natural Resources Canada. As such, homeowners are encouraged to hire only accredited energy contractors, and be cautious with so-called “door-to-door” salespeople who offer their services.

The EnerGuide Home Evaluation provides valuable information and data about a home’s overall energy performance and energy efficiency. This information is becoming more and more relevant for homeowners, in terms of day-to-day energy habits, making energy improvements, or buying a home. At Barrier Sciences Group, home energy professionals provide a complete home evaluation service, beginning with a Home Energy Audit, and identifying all of the deficiencies in the home.

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In terms of day-to-day home energy habits, the audit provides valuable information about energy usage, and how best to make improvements. With the aim to enhance energy efficiency, and save on seasonal utility costs, Barrier Sciences Groupperforms an in-depth assessment of the home from top to bottom.

The assessment evaluates air leakage in the building envelope; performance of the HVAC equipment; and any deficiencies in existing insulation, air sealing, and ventilation.

For homeowners considering renovations, the team at Barrier Sciences Groupwill recommend the upgrades and retrofits that will enhance energy efficiency throughout the home. Expertly performed, Home Energy Auditshelp homeowners to make astute decisions about the upgrades that would be of highest priority, and deliver the best return-on-investment. Large home or small a comprehensive home evaluation is the ideal first step in determining how best to proceed.

Understanding the EnerGuide Rating System

Important to know, an EnerGuide Rating is issued by a Certified Energy Auditor, accredited by Natural Resources Canada. Ratings range from 0 to 100, with a low rating indicating poor energy efficiency. Generally, a brand new home built to code will have a 65+ rating. A home with energy efficiency upgrades might rate at 75, or higher. Homes that rate below 65 need improvements.

The newest EnerGuide Rating System offers homeowners many more opportunities for making energy improvements. There is a new measurement system that replaces the 0-100 system, and actually measures how much energy is being used in a year. Clearly, the less energy used, the more energy efficient the home. Homeowners can easily calculate their annual energy costs.

For the team at Barrier Sciences Group, the new EnerGuide Rating System provides a homeowner with a viable “game plan” to improve home energy efficiency, consume less energy, and save on utility expenses season to season. A homeowner can therefore pinpoint which energy upgrades or retrofits will be made to achieve a better energy rating (and “energy label”) for the home.

Right now, an EnerGuide Rating is personal to every homeowner. However, in 2019, all homes will require an accredited EnerGuide Rating prior to being listed for sale. As such, a better energy rating will identify the home as more energy efficient. This will naturally add value to the home, while allowing homebuyers, real estate agents, and homebuilders to focus on higher ratings.

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