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3 Easy Ways To Save On Your Internet & Cable


Let’s face it, your internet bill has gone up every year for many years now. There are numerous articles out there about how you can save big on your internet, but outside of just not paying for more than you need, we think there are just three things you need to know to get real discounts.

1: Check For Retention Offers

Even if a lot of internet companies won’t admit it, the best way to get your bill lowered is to simply call and tell them you’re thinking about switching to the competition. When the initial offer isn’t good enough to beat the competition then you will be more than likely sent to the retention department as the last step before they lose you as a customer.

This department is just there to try to keep you as a customer, so they’ll figure out how much they can lower your bill to retain you. We’ve seen some customers get their bills cut in half with most getting 10% to 30% off their previous bill. Along with any retention offers you can see if any student or military discounts are available. All you need to do is pick up the phone or use the live chat on some providers websites to see what they can offer.

Just as a reminder, not every company will lower your bill. There are some cases where you may not be eligible for any retention offers or you’ve taken advantage of other promotional pricing within the last year. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to have a quick call or chat to see if you can get a better price.

2. Cut Your Cable And Get To Streaming

Cable used to be essential if you wanted to watch your favorite shows or the big game. Now with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu along with live streaming services like Youtube TV and Sling you don’t really need cable.

One of the largest expenses many have on their internet and cable bills is for cable. The total cost once you add in fees and taxes can put your bill well into the hundreds of dollars. This is why cutting out your cable is another way to save.

In the past few years, the live streaming services have gotten much better. This means you won’t have to worry as much about buffering during the game or outages like when they first became popular. We’re big fans of both Sling TV and Youtube TV. The plans for these services start at around $25 per month and go up to $75 per month for some of the more expensive services. Most can get by with the $40 service from Youtube TV which includes ESPN, FS1, CNN and dozens more.

3. Take Advantage Of New Customer Deals and Promotional Pricing

Each time you switch providers you should have the ability to receive new customer deals and promotional pricing. Most of the deals from internet and cable providers are for new customers only which means you can take advantage of what they call “promotional pricing.”

Promotional pricing is essentially cheap prices to get you to choose their service that usually lasts for the first year of service. After the first year, your price will go up to whatever they have set when you signed up. So when taking advantage of these new deals you’ll want to read the fine print to see when this pricing expires and what you’ll be paying. This is why it’s also important to call and renegotiate once this discounted pricing expires.

You can always find deals when you’re switching to a new internet provider with Verizon Fios internet, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum Internet, AT&T Internet and most other major companies providing even more competitive deals as of late.

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